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410th District Court 

Judge K. Michael Mayes, Presiding




S.A.P. Recovery Court


Stability - Achievement - Progress





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" Welcome to PRC"( 2003-2012 )





"Recovery Courts: A New Paradigm for Substance Abusing Defendants"

( Judge Mayes's Slideshow Presentation )



 Addressing Addictions in Court: Rethinking Recovery and Relapse

Article April 30, 2009 by Judge K. Michael Mayes

Recovery Courts and Character Changes(How Jail Plays a Role in Recovery)

Article July 2006 by Judge K. Michael Mayes

Author: "Is There A Court That Can Make A Difference?"

Article Updated April 2014 by Judge K. Michael Mayes

SAP Program Requirements

( Amended November 13, 2013 )

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"The Facts on Marijuana" - NADCP, 2010


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                                Autobiography of an Addict - Five Short Chapters

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