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410th District Court

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Judge K. Michael Mayes, Presiding


Judge Michael Mayes,
410th District Court Judge


Judge K. Michael Mayes was licensed to practice law in 1977 after having graduated from the University of Houston Law School, summa cum laude. He has been the Presiding Judge of the 410th Judicial District Court since January 1, 1997. Judge Mayes maintains a criminal, family and civil docket on the 410th District Court and has sat as Judge for the Montgomery County Adult Drug Court. Judge Mayes created the 410th Court's S.A.P Drug and Alcohol Program in January, 2002 to address the need for this type of Program for certain defendants that were not eligible for the County's original Drug Court. Judge Mayes also presides over the POWER Juvenile Recovery Court, Power Juvenile Recovery Court and the SAFPF Adult Recovery Court, SAFPF Recovery Court.
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Robin Wells

Probation Court Liaison


Robin Wells is the Probation Court Liaison officer for the 410th Judicial Court. She has been employed by Montgomery County Department of Community Supervision and Corrections since January of 2001. Ms. Wells received a bachelor of art degree from Sam Houston State University with a major in criminal justice and a minor in psychology.

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Dr. Walter Quijano, Ph.D


Walter Y Quijano has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and is licensed to practice clinical psychology in Texas. After serving as chief psychologist of Texas Department of Criminal Justice-ID, his work with the courts and probation departments includes forensic evaluations and treatment services for sex offenders, assaulters, and substance abusers. He wrote the clinical portion of the Montgomery County Drug Court program. 

Agustin Gutierrez, Psychometrist/Therapist
Agustin is licensed to practice counseling in Texas. His work has involved evaluation and treatment of adults and juveniles, for substance abuse, sex offender treatment, anger management and vocational rehabilitation. Agustin has a Bachelor of Science in Criminology with a minor in Psychology and he he also has a Master of Arts Degree in Clinical   Psychology.    
 "It is very important for the crminal justice system to accept the advances in the science and art of treatment of addiction because the criminal justice system puts teeth to its application. Sadly, advances in thinking don't gain grounds until the criminal justice system is behind them, thus, the need for clinicians and criminal justice personnel, especially judges,  to know the state of the art. Thanks Judge Mayes for your contribution to the effort. "
 - Dr. Walter Qujano

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