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See for more information on how to E-File.  


For copies of documents filed in a civil case or other case inquiries, please 

For District Clerk filed cases:  click here!

For County Clerk filed cases (civil JP appeals, administrative hearing appeals, occupationlal licenses, and petitions for non-disclosure): click here!



The civil ancillary docket is normally held on Friday morning.  CALL THE COURT COORDINATOR TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT FOR ANY HEARINGS. For cases where an appearance has been made by more than one party, ALL motions before the Court MUST be accompanied by a Notice of Submission or Notice of Hearing, before the motion will be considered.

The Court's submission docket is held every Friday 9:00 a.m

The following must be scheduled on a submission docket:
 • Motions for Summary Judgment
 • Motions to Compel
 • Requests for Rulings on Discovery Objections
 • Motions to Substitute Counsel

 • Special Exceptions
 • Motions to Withdraw (submission notice MUST be served on client)


The following will be delivered to the Court without the necessity of scheduling:
 • Agreed Final Judgments
 • Default Judgments
 • Motions for Substitute Service
 • Non-Suits or Plaintiff's Dismissals

 • Motions to Substitute



Daubert motions must be made via oral hearing scheduled with the court.


Court's Policy on Trial Continuances:  DO NOT CALL THE COURT FOR A RESET - FILE A MOTION.Continuances must be agreed to by all parties, as evidenced by their signature on the Motion to Continue. Just because the continuance is agreed, does not mean the Court will grant the motion. Before the date of the trial check with the Court Coordinator to see if the continuance has been granted. If the continuance is not agreed, it must be set for hearing on or before the Friday before trial. Failure to appear for trial as scheduled will result in a DWOP or trial default.  


Court's Policy on Show Cause:  Attorneys must make an in person appearance at the show cause docket if notified.  A motion to retain may be filed and scheduled for oral hearing on any Friday BEFORE the Friday of the show cause docket.  


Court's Policy on Mediation:  When ordered to attend mediation it is the policy of this Court that mediation is not complete until the parties AND their attorneys appear for the entire mediation IN PERSON.  Appearing via telephone is not permitted unless by specific permission from this Court.



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