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District Clerk Child Support Division
Our Child Support Division assists parties with setting up a child support account, issues wage withholding, medical support, and spousal support to the employer, address changes for either party and provides payment histories on payments posted through Montgomery County Child Support.
The Montgomery County District Clerk has always handled Child Support issues until September 20, 2002 when the federal government issued a mandate requiring all child support in the state of Texas be handled by a centralized processing unit.

Most payments are now processed by the Texas Child Support Disbursement Center in San Antonio (TXCSDU). The employer, payee and payor will receive a "Notice of Place of Payment" from TXCSDU and the Order will instruct the paying party to send the payments to:


Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit 


P. O. Box 659791


San Antonio, Texas 78265-9791

Identified by:   

Payor Name


Payee Name


Case Number (Attorney General Number or number issued by the TXCSDU) 


Cause Number (Montgomery County Court Cause Number)


Date on which the withholding occurred

In the District Clerk's Child Support Office, we have the capability to print payment histories and research problems with Non IV-D cases (not Attorney General) paid through Texas Child Support Disbursement Unit in San Antonio.

Our Attorney General Division assists the local Attorney General's Office by setting up new accounts, preparing citations, capias, filing modification, clerking the Attorney General Court and inputting the information from the court in the computer.


The Office of Child Support Enforcement for the federal government has a required Income Withholding for Support Form.  It is the OMB 0970-0154 form.   If you do not use this new form, employers are returning the incorrect forms, delaying the timely process for child support. The OMB 0970-0154 can be accessed below.


1. Child Support Instruction Sheet and Forms  

2. OMB 0970-0154 

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