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Tax Foreclosure Sales Information


The attorneys that represent the taxing authority post the Notice of the properties they are selling on their websites. The Constable's office does not mail or hand the Notice out to perspective buyers. The Notice is posted at the Courthouse in Conroe and at each Constable's office in Montgomery County. There are two papers that publish the Notices. Some are published in "The Courier" and some are published in the "Montgomery County News" for three consecutive Wednesdays prior to the sale. The Tax Foreclosure Sales occur the first Tuesday of every month(unless a County Holiday or no sales are submitted by the attorneys to be sold for that month) at 501 North Thompson Commissioner's Court Room (fourth floor), beginning at 10:00 A.M.

PAYMENT for the sale is payable that day in the form of a Money Order or Cashier's Check made payable to Montgomery County Constable Department.

A $19.00 filing fee is also collected that day to file the Constable's Deed in the Montgomery County Clerk's Office. This fee is payable to Mark Turnbull, County Clerk.

You must be present to bid on the property. Properties not sold at the sale are "Struck Off" back to the taxing entities.

You must be certified through the Montgomery County Tax Office, that you do not owe any delinquent taxes in Montgomery County before you can receive your deed.

Below is a list of the Tax Attorneys who submit their lists to Constable Precinct 2 Gene DeForest's office. Please note that some of the properties may not have a minimum bid listed, so you would need to contact Constable DeForest's office at (936) 539-7854 prior to the sale to obtain the minimum bids. Minimum bid information on Tax Foreclosures for the Willis Independent School District can be made to Constable Precinct 1 Don Chumley's office at (936) 539-7821.


Perdue, Brandon, Fielder, Collins & Mott, L.L.P.
1235 N. Loop West, Suite 600
Houston, TX 77008
(713) 862 - 1860

Linebarger, Goggan, Blair & Sampson, L.L.P.
103 W. Phillips
Conroe, TX 77301
(936) 760 - 1410





1.  You must complete and have notarized a request for taxes due from the Montgomery County Tax Assessor-Collector's office. These forms can be obtained from the tax office or on-line here.

Based on your request, you will be issued a statement of taxes due OR no unpaid taxes due by the Tax Office.


There is a $10.00 fee for this statement.


2.  An individual may not bid on or purchase property in the name of another individual. An officer conducting the sale may not execute a deed in the name of or deliver a deed to any person other than the person who was the successful bidder.





Please read the Foreclosure & Tax Trust Properties Guide for better understanding of these procedures.


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