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County Court at Law 2

County Court at Law 2

Probate Court Visitor Program 

What is Guardianship?
Guardianship is a legal process designed to protect incapacitated individuals from abuse, neglect and exploitation. This court-created relationship gives someone, called a Guardian, the legal right to take care of an incapacitated person, called a Ward, and make decisions on his or her behalf.

Why are Guardianships created?
An individual may become incapacitated due to disease, injury, or developmental disability. This incapacity could be the result of a range of diseases and conditions, including but not limited to the following: Alzheimer's disease, other forms of dementia, intellectual disabilities, autism, head injuries, and injuries related to strokes. Minor children sometimes need guardians appointed as well. Persons under a full guardianship are unable to care for themselves or make decisions regarding financial matters. 

Court Visitor Program: Purpose & Job Description
The Court Investigator will facilitate annual visits by court visitors to all existing guardianships in Montgomery County.  The purpose of the Court Visitor Program is to check on the well-being of individuals who have been placed under guardianship and whose care is the responsibility of their legal guardian. This important monitoring function enables the Court to have first-hand information regarding the wards under its supervision. The reports filed by the court visitor assist the Court in determining whether each pending guardianship case should be continued, modified, or terminated.

Duties and Responsibilities

The court visitor should:

  1. Meet with the Court Investigator for orientation and training.
  2. Obtain a case assignment from the Court Investigator.
  3. Review the necessary information from Court files, schedule a visit, and then personally visit with the ward; and
  4. Make an assessment of the ward’s situation and then timely submit a Court Visitor Report recording your observations to the Court Investigator.

All reports are reviewed by the Court to determine whether further action is necessary.

Qualifications of a Court Visitor

  1. Access to a car or other reliable transportation.
  2. Good listening skills, patience and tact.
  3. Ability to work with a wide variety of individuals, including people with significant physical and mental impairments from different racial, socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.
  4. Ability to remain objective and nonjudgmental in making reports to the Court.
  5. Ability to keep information confidential.
  6. Willingness to visit people in their homes, nursing homes, group homes, hospitals and other care facilities.

Please note that court visitors are volunteers and will NOT be reimbursed for their time or travel expenses.

If you are interested in becoming a Court Visitor, please contact the Court Investigator for Montgomery County Court at Law No. 2 for more information.

Click HERE for Court Visitor brochure! 

Click HERE for Court Visitor application!

Forms for Court Visitor Use

Court Visitor Report - Computer Version

Court Visitor Report - By Hand Version

County Court Number Two is proud to partner with local agencies, colleges and universities to facilitate internships and court visits benefitting the wards and students in our area:


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