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District Clerk

Finance and Registry

District Clerk

Melisa Miller
Montgomery County District Clerk
Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 2985   Conroe, TX 77305

Finance and Registry

In accordance with Local Government Code 117.052 the District Clerk, as custodian of the records, is to place in safekeeping, funds and other items ordered by the court. Funds that are awarded to minors are deposited into the courts registry account. Upon court order the funds will be invested and in absence of any named institution the District Clerk will work in the best interest of the child. Once the child has reached majority an order is required to release funds. Ten percent of the interest earned on investment accounts are required to be collected by the District Clerk as administrative fees to be deposited into the County General Fund.

Funds without on order to reinvest remain in the court's non-interest bearing registry, until there is and order to release these funds. Once the order is signed, we hold funds for release after thirty days. An administrative fee of $20.00 is collected per Texas Local Government Code 117.055. Funds deposited in the courts registry arising under the Family Code are exempt from the administrative fee provided by this section.

1. Motion and Order to Withdraw Minor Funds-Invested Account
2. Motion and Order to Withdraw Minor Funds-Non Invested
3. Motion and Order to Withdraw Registry Funds
4. Motion and Order to Withdraw cash bond for Criminal cases
5. Registry Account Information Form
6. Refund Policy

Supervisor: Bobbye Miller 936-539-7937



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