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District Clerk

Jury Services

District Clerk

Melisa Miller
Montgomery County District Clerk
Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 2985   Conroe, TX 77305

Jury Services
Please read your summons THOROUGHLY before coming for service as most
of YOUR QUESTIONS are answered in the summons.

Jurors are randomly selected by the county computer system from a source which combines current Montgomery County voter registration list and residents of the county that hold a valid Texas drivers license or a valid personal identification card or certificate issued by the Departmentof Public Safety.  

Jurors may be selected to serve in the District Courts or County Courts at Law. 

Answers to some of the questions you may have about jury service:

Where can jurors park?
There is a map on the back side of your summons showing free parking within walking distance to the Jury Assembly Room.

Can I reschedule?
Yes, you can.   Jurors may reschedule their jury service at the E-Jury website linked below.   This office does not reschedule any jury service.

Where do I go for jury service?
The Jury Assembly Room is located at 301 N. Thompson St., Suite 203, Conroe, Texas

Are there any items I cannot bring?
YES!  No guns/ammo, large chemical sprays, Tasers, Knuckles/cat defense or illegal weapons, etc) are allowed in the Jury Assembly Room or Courthouse/Courthouse annexes.

What if I have moved out of Montgomery County?
To change an address, to be taken off the list of jurors, to be excused, to be exempted or to be disqualified...we need something in writing, preferably your returned summons with the proper item circled or a note attached to the returned portion of the summons....with a signature, date and day time telephone number.

If you are not a resident of Montgomery County, you are not eligible to serve as a juror. Simply mark #2 under the qualifications, sign, complete your form, and mail it back.

If you have received the form for someone else, such as your child away at college or in the military or for someone who no longer lives with you or at your address, simply write that reason on the summons and mail it back to the return address.

Jury Supervisor: Brenda Schank 936-760-6952 or 936-538-3751

E-Jury Service



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