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District Clerk

Barbara Gladden Adamick
Montgomery County District Clerk
Mailing Address:
P. O. Box 2985   Conroe, TX 77305

New Suits Filing

New suits are the origination of cases filed in the District Clerk's Office, consisting of: family cases, such as divorce, adoption and annulments; such as suits on land and name changes; delinquent tax suits; juvenile; and felony criminal matters. When a new suit is filed it is given a cause number and assigned to a court on a rotating basis; cases over $200,000.00* are assigned to district court and cases under $200,000.00* may be assigned to either district or county court. Costs are assessed for each case filed and are due at time of filing. 

We do not accept personal or business checks. Court costs may be paid by cash, cashiers check, money orders, attorney checks or MasterCard and Visa credit cards.

 *Effective January 1, 2012
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(Click above to print State Forms necessary for Vital Statistics.) 

For assistance in creating and filing forms click one of the links below:


1.  Civil Fee Sheet

2.  Family Fee Sheet    

3.  Information Filing Sheet

(You may print this sheet or click here, Information Filing Sheet, for a PDF fillable form to be completed and filed with your new suit). 

4. Civil Case Information Sheet

(Click above for fillable OCA Required Form)

5. Civil Process Request Form  

6.  Request for Trial Setting  

(You may print this sheet or click here  Request for Trial Setting  for a PDF fillable form to be completed and filed with your new suit).

7.  Montgomery County Standing Order

8.  TCIC (Protective Orders)     (to be completed and provided to the District Clerk in paper form - please do NOT e-file)

9.  Nondisclosure Information:

10. Electronic Notification for Expunctions

11. New Suit Check List for Pro Se Litigants

12.   Statement of Inability to Afford Costs



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