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Montgomery County Fire Marshal

501 N Thompson, Suite 102, Conroe, Texas 77301
Phone: 936-538-8288  Fax: 936-538-8277


Authority: Texas Local Government Code 233.061
Under authority of State Law, Montgomery County has adopted the 2018 International Fire Code as the Montgomery County Fire Code.

Is My Project In Montgomery County?

Permitting: You Must Submit All Documentation to the Montgomery County Permit Department for processing 
Montgomery County has adopted a “One Stop Permit Shop” where applicants can apply for all permits issued by the County. For more information on the Permit Department, please see their office website.

Fire Code Application Process:
Once the applicant applies for a permit, MCFMO staff will pickup the application from the permits office. Under State Law, specifically Local Government Code 233, Montgomery County must review your plans and either approve them or reject them within 30 days. Typically a plans reviewer will review the plans within seven to ten days. The architect or applicant will receive the plans review comments letter via email after the review is complete. The plans review comments letter will detail items specifically with the plans and items frequently incorrect in construction. Once you have reviewed the information sent to you and agree, please reply as soon as possible indicating your acceptance of the stated conditions. Once you have done so, your permit will be approved based on this correspondence including the agreed “conditions of permit” outlined in our review and approved by you.

Final Inspection Prior to Occupancy:
Under LGC 233, a final inspection and “Certificate of Compliance” with the County Fire Code is required before the building may be occupied. Once the final inspection is done and the building is approved, it may be legally occupied, and a “Certificate of Compliance” will be issued for the building. 

Request for Final (please fill out this form to request your final inspection)
Any project where an Architect or Engineer designed the building plans that were approved by our Department must sign and stamp the final request form 
If a project did not have an Architect or Engineer that drew up the plans we approved, an Owner or Contractor can fill out the form for submittal

Express Fire Code Review:
Express Fire Code Reviews are available for certain construction projects in existing permitted buildings and changes in occupancy use that do not require a formal plans review.  An Express Fire Code Review can simplify and shorten the review process on less complex projects, allowing for faster turnaround from application to approval for construction and occupancy.  This review is available, Tuesday through Thursday from 9am-3pm (County Holidays excluded).  Please email for your appointment time.

Please fill out the Fire Code Application Packet and bring with you at the time of your appointment along with a set of plans (one set paper, one set digital) for your review.             
View our informational handout for specific details. Fire Code Application Packet
Express Fire Code Review (please read for qualifications for an express review)

PLEASE CONTACT THE OFFICE AT 936-538-8288 for an appointment time 


Request for Final Inspection:
A request for final inspection must be submitted to our office, before the final can be completed.  Please click on the "All Forms" link to the left of our website for the request for final form.
Once your project has been released for a final inspection, please allow 7-10 business days for all inspections to take place. 

Obtaining your COC:
In order to obtain your Certificate of Compliance, please ensure all of the following are completed and submitted to our office.

     A Final Inspection must be completed, with no violations.

(Please note that all your fire protection work will be a deferred submittal). Please follow the link on our home page for "All Forms and Submittal Information" for further information.

  •      Emergency Response Information form must be turned in. 
Fire Code Permitting Information



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