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Justice of the Peace Precinct 4

What are the options for non-traffic related offenses? 

  • You may pay the fine. Refer to Schedule of Fines. For offenses not listed please contact the Judge's office. Note: Payment of fine constitutes a plea of nolo contendere (no contest) and a guilty verdict will be rendered. 
  • You may plea not guilty and request either a Bench Trial (trial by Judge) or Jury Trial (trial by jury). 
  • You may request Deferred Disposition, where a Justice of the Peace may defer final disposition of a case and grant a period for probation-like conditions to be met by the defendant.

What if I have been charged with Assault?

  • You may pay the fine. See above.
  • You may plea not guilty and request either a Bench Trial or Jury Trial.
  • Note: Assaults are not eligible for deferred disposition. 

What if I have been charged with Assault and the complaining witness no longer wishes to testify?
The State of Texas may still wish to pursue the complaint, so you must notify the Court of your intentions. However, prior to trial, if the complaining witness files an affidavit of non-prosecution with the Montgomery County District Attorney's Office, your case will be placed on a Pre-Trial docket, where you and the complaining witness will need to appear and discuss your case with the prosecution, after which the D.A.'s office will make a recommendation to the Court.

Are Payment Plans available?
The State of Texas requires that all fines and fees are payable at the time of sentencing. However, upon payment of state fees, you may apply to the court for extended time payments. This requires additional paperwork and approval from the court.



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