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Justice of the Peace Precinct 4

What is the expectation? 
The State of Texas expects that all fines and fees are to be paid on the day of sentencing. For information on how to pay your fine, see Payment of Fines and Fees.

What if I cannot pay my fines in full on that day? 
The Court understands that not everyone is able to pay their fine in full at on the same day, and has implemented a process to assist those who believe they are unable to do so. If you believe you need additional time to pay your fines in full, you may apply to the Court for extended time payments. To do so, you must:

What happens next? Once the Judge has approved your Request for Extended Time Payments and you have submitted your application, a Collection Specialist with meet with you. They will:
Review your application for completeness;
  • Verify information through documents provided;
  • Verify additional information through other parties;
  • Evaluate information for ability to pay;
  • Establish a payment schedule and complete a Payment Agreement;
  • Provide you with a copy of the Payment Agreement for your records and to remind yourself when your payments are due.

Please click the links below for the forms to file time served or indigent.
Request for Time Served
Request to file Indigent 

PLEASE NOTE: Your fine is not a debt, and you will not be "billed" by the Court for each payment. Payments are your responsibility, and failure to comply with all obligations to the court will result in further sanctions.



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