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Juvenile Justice Center

Olen Underwood
Juvenile Justice Center

The Montgomery County Juvenile Detention Center (MCJDC) provides short-term safe and secure care for alleged delinquent juveniles or adjudicated delinquent juveniles awaiting disposition of the court while minimizing the negative effects of confinement.

MCJDC is a 48-bed facility which operates 24/7 and provides a structured and disciplined setting for both males and females aged 10-17 for alleged criminal offenses which are rated at Class 'B' Misdemeanors or greater and range from petty theft to murder.

Our facility is very similar to the county jail in that it is a maximum security facility; however, juveniles are not sentenced to serve time in the facility but rather are in the facility only long enough to determine what disposition is in the best interest of the juvenile for his/her particular case.

Unlike the adult system, juveniles do not have access to bail so Intake Officers review each case and decide, based on criteria in the Texas Family Code, who will be detained and who can be released to a parent /guardian pending further proceedings in the juvenile's case.

The juveniles that are detained are required by law to go before a Judge within 48 hours to determine if there is probable cause to believe the child could have committed the alleged offense and that further detention is warranted.  After the initial hearing, the juvenile's detention status must be reconsidered by a Judge every 10 business days excluding holidays.

The facility not only serves juveniles in Montgomery County, but also is contracted to detain juveniles from approximately 20 surrounding counties that do not have a detention facility.

Unlike the adult system, the Juvenile Department has a very structured schedule for the juveniles, including school classes, individual and/or group counseling, group projects, recreation, chores, etc.  The Detention Center is also classified as Conroe ISD Campus #201.  Other information including Visitation, Phone Calls, etc. can be found in the Resident Handbook.  

It is the strict policy of the Montgomery County Juvenile Department to protect the identity of all the juveniles in our system.



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