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Juvenile Justice Center

PREA & Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation

Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, and Harassment Policy

Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation, and/or Harassment by any individual having contact with any child/client under the jurisdiction of the Department is strictly prohibited (abuse includes physical, sexual, and emotional).  Individuals include staff members, contractors, volunteers, and any other person working under the auspices of a Department facility or program.

In order to protect a child’s/client’s physical and emotional welfare, staff are prohibited from subjecting children/clients to corporal punishment of any nature; threats, derogatory remarks, or other verbal abuse directed toward the child/client or his parents/guardian.  Deprivation of meals, sleep, or medical care is also prohibited from being used as disciplinary action. Juveniles have the right to report to TJJD any alleged abused, neglect, and/or exploitation, including death.  All departmental facilities adhere to a zero tolerance policy regarding sexual abuse and sexual harassment in accordance with the Prison Rape Elimination Act of 2003. The Quality Assurance Supervisor is the Department’s designated PREA Coordinator whose responsibility it is to oversee departmental efforts to comply with PREA standards within the Detention Facility and the Department’s Community Based Programs (Program).  The PREA Coordinator shall conduct an annual assessment to determine whether adjustments are needed in areas related to the facility staffing plan, prevailing staffing patterns, the facility’s deployment of video monitoring systems, and resources available to ensure adherence to the staffing plan.  Furthermore, the Department shall strive through intense training, video surveillance, and strict staff supervision to prevent and detect abuse of any kind.

PREA Coordinator for MCJPD
Derek Henderson

For more information on PREA, please visit the PREA Resource Center's website:

As required by PREA standard 115.389 (b), the links to each private and public facility that juveniles may be  placed at by the Montgomery County Juvenile Court are listed below and include PREA reports and/or aggregate sexual abuse data:



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