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435th District Court

435th District Court

301 North Main, Suite 107 Offices
301 North Main, Suite 113 - Courtroom Conroe, Texas 77301
Phone: 936-538-3532 Fax: 936-538-3619 

            Welcome to the 435th District Court. You have been summoned for jury service in our court. While you may not be excited to have been selected, we are glad you will be joining us. Jury service is a vital part of this country’s legal system. As citizens, we are all guaranteed the right to be tried by a jury of our peers. By complying with jury service, you are ensuring that an individual receives a fair and just trial. Thank you for upholding your patriotic duty to the constitution and our judicial system. 


            We are located on the 3rd floor of the Lee G. Alworth Building at 207 West Phillips, Conroe. Please consult the map below—the red balloon is our location. Please use the entrance facing West Phillips Street. You will walk through sliding glass doors and come to a security station with a metal detector. You will have to go through security—this will take anywhere from seconds to minutes depending on how busy it is. Remember that security will not allow weapons or firearms of any kind to be brought inside the courthouse.  

             After going through security, you will see elevators on the right-side wall. Please take an elevator up to the 3rd floor. Once out of the elevator, take a sharp right turn and you will see wooden benches in an open room. This is the waiting room we share with several of the other courts. Please check to make sure you can see the 435th courtroom doors. PLEASE TAKE A SEAT IN THIS AREA OUTSIDE THE COURTROOM DOOR UNTIL YOU ARE CALLED INSIDE.  



        The juror parking lot is within walking distance of the courthouse, and is located behind the Owen Theatre at North Main St., Conroe, Texas 77301. It has a giant sign designating it as juror parking- you can’t miss it. You can access the parking lot going South on North Thompson. Should the parking lot fill up, you can also access the parking garage located at Simonton and North San Jacinto (do not park in any space with a green, reserved sign). Please do not park in a 2 hour parking space around the square because jury service will last longer than 2 hours! 


Parking A 


  Parking B - Copy

Jury Reporting Time 

           Please use the example below as a guide of when you should be ready to start because your summons time may be different than 9 a.m. If you are unsure of your summons time, please call the Court. 

            If you are summoned to report at 9 a.m., please report at 9 AM SHARP. Remember to take into account the time it will take to park, walk to our building, go through security, and find the courtroom. Be outside the courtroom and ready to participate at 9AM exactly. Plan on sitting on the benches outside the courtroom at 8:45AM to give yourself a few extra minutes should anything happen or you need to use the restroom. We appreciate your promptness.

            While we expect the jury selection process to begin promptly after you arrive at the courthouse, sometimes last minute events will delay the beginning of the trial. We hope these kinds of things do not happen, but on occasion they do. In the event that there is an emergency, such as sudden illness or inclement weather, please call 936-538-3532 for the latest update on jury service. You can also check our website for up-to-date, current information. 

Jury Summons vs. Jury Duty 

            When you arrive and are waiting to enter the courtroom, you might see many people. There is a difference between being summoned for jury duty (jury summons) and actually serving on a jury (jury duty). While there may be many people summoned for jury service in our court, only 12-14 (occasionally a few more) will be selected for jury duty and remain for the duration of the trial. If you are not selected for jury duty but want to stay and watch the trial (but not be on the actual jury), you are welcomed to do so. 

How Juries Are Selected in the Jury Summons Process 

            Somehow the attorneys have to pick a jury out of everyone who has been summoned. How will they do that? That selection is made during a process called Voir Dire. The judge will thoroughly explain how the process works once the day starts, but the prosecuting and defense attorneys, under the supervision of the judge, will each have a block of time to ask you, the potential jury members, a series of questions. They might ask questions as a group or question you individually (don’t worry- the questions aren’t hard). When answering these questions, try to be as open and honest as you can so the attorneys have enough information to pick an impartial jury. 

What Can I Bring to the Jury Summons? 

            The typical jury summons lasts half a day, but may vary from time to time. The judge will inform you of the anticipated time it will take to select a jury. Snacks and drinks are available to purchase at the vending machines, but you are highly encouraged to bring your own. Please do not eat or drink anything besides water while in the courtroom. 

             Electronic devices including laptops, tablets, cellular telephones, and reading materials may be used during designated break times. However, all electronic devices must be powered off while in the courtroom. 

What Happens Following the Jury Summons? 

            Once the attorneys finish their questioning, the selected jurors will be announced and seated in the jury box. For those who are NOT selected, the judge will have some closing remarks and dismiss those not selected. Before you leave, please be sure to obtain a Jury Excuse from the 435th District Court proving that you were summoned to jury duty that morning. A court staff member will hand them out. Please be sure to show this letter to your employer to prove that you were here. 

            For those of you who were selected, you will serve as the jury for this trial. If you were not selected, do not fret. It is doubtful that you did anything wrong. There are no right or wrong answers in the Voir Dire process.

What to Expect and What to Do: Jury Duty


        The Court usually convenes at 9:00 a.m. each day.  We will have a short break both mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  The time of the break may vary from time to time, but the judge will announce those times.  We will break approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes for lunch, and the judge will advise you of the time to return after the lunch break. In the evening, we will break at approximately 5:00 p.m. unless you are informed otherwise. 

        You are encouraged to bring your own lunch, but the Court will provide a list of restaurants which are located on the square and within walking distance of the courthouse. On rare occasions, the Court will provide lunch due to scheduling reasons, but the Court cannot accommodate individual, dietary restrictions. If lunch is provided, it is just a nice treat but do not plan on the court providing lunch. If you have a dietary restriction, please prepare for your needs and bring a lunch. Our jury room has a refrigerator and a microwave that you are free to use. 

        PLEASE be on time and available in the jury room so the bailiff can escort you back into the courtroom each morning and after breaks.  We suggest that each juror dress in layers and bring a light sweater or jacket since we cannot adjust the room temperature and sometimes it is slightly chilly.   

        Please wear the jury tags that will be given to you at all times while you are serving on the jury.  Upon final release from the court, please return the jury tags to the bailiff or leave them on the jury room table. 


     Please contact the District Clerk at 936-213-6068 or you can visit their website at 

Further Questions?

         Please call us at 936-538-3532. 














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