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Frequently Asked Questions

County Attorney

County Attorney

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Does the County Attorney's office issue Protective Orders?

A:The County Attorney’s Office does NOT issue Protective Orders.  The County Attorney’s Office may assist the public in filing an Application for a Protective Order in family court and representing the Applicant (victim) in the Protective Order lawsuit.  In order to determine if the County Attorney will represent you in a protective order you must appear in person and meet with County Attorney staff.  An Assistant County Attorney will determine whether the County Attorney’s Office will offer to represent you.

Call us to schedule an appointment or see if you qualify: 936-539-7828

Q: Does the County Attorney give legal advice to private citizens?

A:The county attorney cannot give legal advice to private citizens or recommend specific attorney’s.  If you are seeking free legal advice, you can contact Lone Star Legal Aid at (800)733-8394 or call the Montgomery County Law Library at (936) 539-7960.

Q: What do I do if a friend or family member has severe mental health issues?

A: At the Montgomery County Attorney’s Office we recognize the concern friends and families have for their loved one and readily act with professionalism and compassion.  We also balance the need to protect the person with their constitutional right to be free from unreasonable seizure by the Government.

Q: Who do I contact to fix a county road?

A: If you have an issue with a road, please contact your local precinct commissioners office.  Find my precinct

Q: Who do I speak to about a flood plain or a platting issue?

A: You should contact the Montgomery County Engineering Department

Q: Do you need to contact your CPS Caseworker?

A: Montgomery County CPS office 936-756-1551



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