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County Attorney

County Attorney


Montgomery County attorney urges no action on polling place regulations

As the political season heats up, Montgomery County commissioners took time to discuss complaints from polling locations during the May and November 2019 elections during their regular meeting Tuesday.

Placed on the court agenda to potentially take action on rules and guidelines for polling locations, commissioners ultimately agreed doing so would infringe on freedom of speech, specifically political speech and took no action on the item.

However, several commissioners urged residents and candidates to be “neighborly”.

Precinct 3 Commissioner James Noack said he has had an increase in complaints over the last couple years regarding issues at polling locations and parking lots. Many of the complaints, he noted, focus on overcrowding in parking lots, signage blocking views and falling into roadways and damage to county property.

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BD Griffin

Remembering Montgomery County’s community leaders who passed in 2019
J D Lambright

Montgomery County Attorney J D Lambright passed away peacefully March 9 surrounded by his wife Belinda, extended family and friends. He was 69 and had recently been diagnosed with cancer.

“He was a great leader, boss, attorney and friend. His vision, leadership and devotion to justice and doing the right thing will be remembered and his impact upon the community will be long lasting,” said B.D. Griffin who became the County Attorney following Lambright’s passing.

First elected in 2012, Lambright wasted little time transforming the county attorney’s office to be more responsive and cooperative and keeping more cases in-house. In fact, Lambright made his service to the county and residents a priority by putting together a team to provide information requested under the Texas Open Records Act in a timely manner. He worked with individuals on their requests to ensure an expedited process for releasing information. Following his death, the county created an ethics commission honoring Lambright.

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JD Lambright



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