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501 North Thompson, Suite 103  Conroe, Texas  77301
Phone: 936-539-7833  Fax: 936-539-7802 

Montgomery County Subdivision Rules and Regulations

I. Montgomery County Subdivision Rules and Regulations
II. Montgomery County Subdivision Guidelines and Recommendations
III. Amendments and/or Addendums Index
IV. Amendment to Subdivision Rules and Regulations Effective January 1, 2004
V. Typical Cross Section for Open Ditches with Asphalt Paving for Residential Streets

Plat Submittal - The following two forms must be submitted together

along with all required documents

I. Subdivision Submittal Check-in List
II. Plat Application

The following five forms are for Road Maintenance Bonds

I. Letter of Credit (updated 1-17-2019)
II. Maintenance Bond with Surety - Corporate Form (updated 1-17-2019)
III. Maintenance Bond without Surety - Corporate Form (updated 1-17-19)
IV. Maintenance Bond with Surety - Individual Form (updated 1-17-19)
V. Maintenance Bond without Surety - Individual Form (updated 1-17-19)

Overweight/Overload Permit - The following two forms must be submitted together
Commissioners Court set a 30,000 pound weight limit on all county roads on 2/1/1972. 
**NOTE: If you have a TXDOT yearly overweight permit with Montgomery County listed as one of the counties covered, you DO NOT need this local permit.** Each truck that is overweight must be permitted, either through TXDOT or the permit below which is required to have it's own $50,000 blanket bond to travel on county maintained roads.  The fee is $50/truck and the permit is good for 3 months.  Each truck needs a permit every 3 months if the project(s) require more than 3 months of driving on county maintained roads.

I. Permit Application for Operation of Overweight or Oversize Vehicles - Fillable
II. Bond for Operation of Overweight or Oversize Vehicles - Fillable

Utilities in Montgomery County Right-of-Way
**The following two forms must be completed and submitted together by email to or hard copies to our office:

I. Notice of Proposed Installation Utility Line in Montgomery County Rights-of-Way (updated 3/26/19 to help with email delivery problems)
II. Approval of Proposed Installation Utility Line Montgomery County Rights-of-Way (updated 1/22/19)
III. Utility Policy Chart (For information purposes only - Do not submit)

Drainage Criteria Manual

**If you are doing work in the flood plain, please click to see our Flood Plain Regulations
I. Drainage Criteria Manual (pdf) updated 7/11/2019
II. Atlas 14 IDF Curve Changes effective 1-1-2019
III. Guidelines for Hydrology and Hydraulic Studies updated 7/3/2019



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