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501 North Thompson, Suite 103  Conroe, Texas  77301
Phone: 936-539-7833  Fax: 936-539-7802 
 **NEW** Plan Submittal Form

Montgomery County Subdivision Rules and Regulations

I. Montgomery County Subdivision Rules and Regulations (incorporating amendments and addenda)
II. Montgomery County Subdivision Guidelines and Recommendations
III. Typical Cross Section for Open Ditches with Asphalt Paving for Residential Streets

The following five forms are for Road Maintenance Bonds

I. Letter of Credit (updated 1-17-2019)
II. Maintenance Bond with Surety - Corporate Form (updated 1-18-2023)
III. Maintenance Bond without Surety - Corporate Form (updated 1-18-2023)
IV. Maintenance Bond with Surety - Individual Form (updated 1-18-2023)
V. Maintenance Bond without Surety - Individual Form (updated 1-18-2023)

Overweight/Overload Permit - The following two forms must be submitted together
Commissioners Court set a 30,000 pound weight limit on all county roads on 2/1/1972. 
**NOTE: If you have a TXDOT yearly overweight permit with Montgomery County listed as one of the counties covered, you DO NOT need this local permit.** Each truck that is overweight must be permitted, either through TXDOT or the permit below which is required to have it's own $50,000 blanket bond to travel on county maintained roads.  The fee is $50/truck and the permit is good for 3 months.  Each truck needs a permit every 3 months if the project(s) require more than 3 months of driving on county maintained roads. Please submit to Lori Bass in Engineering for processing. 

I. Permit Application for Operation of Overweight or Oversize Vehicles - Fillable
II. Bond for Operation of Overweight or Oversize Vehicles - Fillable

Utilities in Montgomery County Right-of-Way
**The following two forms must be completed and submitted together along with the applicable drawings by email to

I. Notice of Proposed Installation Utility Line in Montgomery County Rights-of-Way (updated 3/26/19 to help with email delivery problems)
II. Statement of No Objection for Proposed Installation Utility Line Montgomery County Rights-of-Way (updated 6/24/21)
III. Utility Policy Chart (For information purposes only - Do not submit)
**Please use this map to determine which Commissioner Precinct(s) your project is in for the above listed process: 
Drainage Criteria Manual

**If you are doing work in the flood plain, please refer to the Montgomery County Floodplain Management Regulations found on this page: Floodplain Administration 
I. Drainage Criteria Manual (pdf) updated 7-11-2019. Atlas 14 IDF Curve Changes effective 1-1-2019
III. Guidelines for Hydrology and Hydraulic Studies updated 7-3-2019



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